Show & Tell Consignments

Located in East Boca (260 N. Dixie Highway), Show & Tell Children's 

Consignments & Boutique is a children's resale store with over 4,000 sq. ft, 

of quality, brand new & gently loved and used baby and childgear, apparel, 

toys, furniture, books and so much more! The store also carries some great

boutique inventory, some of it made by local Mompreneurs! 


About the Owner

Summer, a local mom native to Boca Raton has prided herself in 

continuing on a family tradition of women-owned businesses. A

graduate of University of Central Florida in Orlando, she initially saw

herself in a corporate career in marketing and advertising.  But, after

having her daughter and becoming a mom, Summer knew she didn't

want to juggle being a mom AND the corporate businesswoman she 

initially envisioned. She wanted to be successful in her career but still

still have the flexibility of being an involved mother and not missing out

on anything for her daughter. So she found a way to do both by taking

what she learned in the corporate world and opening  her own business, Show & Tell Children's Consignments & Boutique.

“Becoming a mother was more fulfilling than anything I ever imagined, however, I still longed to make my mark in this world,

and identify myself not only as a mother, but a successful businesswoman as well.”

She's now living the best of both worlds!

How did you decide to start Show & Tell?

“While at home with my daughter during her first year, the wheels started turning. I would look around at all the amazing things she would grow out of– the toys she no longer played with, her beautiful nursery and thought…..what am I going to do with all of this when she’s done with it? And how many other people are out there thinking the same thing?”


Summer’s grandmother owned an antique store in Oregon and Summer's mother owns a 

furniture consignment store in Deerfield Beach A Summer Place Consignments. 

She went to visit her mom's store one day and lightning struck! She realized a hole that need to be filled.

There were no children’s consignment stores in the Boca area. Summer had lots of mommy friends in

other states who would talk about how they always shopped at children’s consignment stores and how

much they loved them, but none existed locally.  She decided then and there that of all places, 

Boca Raton needed an upscale children’s consignment store. And so it began.....


Getting down to business…

Using Mom as her mentor, Summer developed a retail business plan, tweaking it to fit her

and her daughter’s needs.  One thing was for sure; she was confident she wouldn’t have any 

trouble finding the best of the best inventory. “Living in Boca my whole life and knowing the

South Florida area very well, I knew the quantity and quality of the baby and children’s items

that local parents and grandparents bought for their little ones.” 

She found a historic, unique location for the store, put the word out to family & friends, and

before she knew it, people started to contribute and consign to get her store started.

“Everyone loved the idea! Before I knew it, Show & Tell was in business! It was already so fun!”


Getting Started....

“I remember sitting on the floor in the back room of my 4200 square foot store a month before opening thinking, "how am I going to fill this place up?!” Clearly, inventory is not an issue at Show & Tell if you’ve ever shopped there!  10 years after opening in May of 2010, Summer still can’t believe it all happened as it did.  And, she has major plans for more growth and expansion in 2020.






What makes Show & Tell different from other children’s resale stores?

“I really wanted to build a place where I could connect with other professional moms who had their own businesses where we could help each other and network.  Its all about moms helping moms!  I wanted to find people who made their own children’s clothing, jewelry, infant accessories, boutique & gift items that I could have inthe store. We now have a great assortment of these branded items including monogrammed pieces, children’s rompers & tutus, headbands and bows, room decor and so much more.”


What do you like most about being in business in South Florida?

“Being in South Florida definitely has its benefits!  Thankfully we have amazing weather year round, so people pop in all the time to visit with us.  We are also a home to shop for so many snowbirds who frequent our area!  They always say they are so happy we are here because retail store prices have gotten so outrageous and they only need the [children’s] items for a short time. Sometimes they even re-consign their items before they go back to where home is for them and make some money back! Living here all my life, a lot of my friends still live locally or have moved back recently to start their families.  It’s so fun having them come in and being able to share in their new moments with the next generation!  I get to meet all the new little miracles they’ve created and reconnect with people I haven’t seen in years. My daughter is 14 years old now and it has been so fun having the opportunity to build my own business around her and her lifestyle. I have gotten to live the dream!  I’m a mom and a career woman!”


What’s coming up at Show & Tell Consignments and Boutique?

“Stay tuned for our Kickoff Summer Sale Event happening late July/early August.  Our School Uniform Sale will be starting late July/early August and a store expansion hopefully in early Fall!”


Written by Modern Boca Mom

Contact Us


260 N Dixie Hwy

Boca Raton, Florida 33432




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Store Hours

Mon:12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tue - Fri:10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Sat:10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun:12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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